Top Five Tuesday: SFF Books with LGBTQ+ Rep

It's Pride Month, so we're going to spend this week's Top Five Tuesday sharing some love to books with queer rep!  This list barely scratches the surface, but I hope it gives you a starting place to add some great reads to your TBR!  As always, shout out to Bionic Book Worm who usually hosts... Continue Reading →

Top Five Tuesday: Self-Published Books on My TBR

Last week, Jason at Off the TBR announced the return of Self-Published Fantasy Month in September, now featuring co-hosts and even more awesome content!  This celebration is here to encourage everyone in the book community to read and share self-published books.  This year, I've been trying to read one self-published book a month, but come... Continue Reading →

Top Five Tuesday: Kick-Ass Women in SFF

This week for Top Five Tuesday (blogging meme created by Bionic Book Worm), I've decided to spotlight some of my favorite kick-ass women in sci-fi/fantasy.  This is actually the second round-up I've done; if you're interested in more awesome women, take a look at my original post I put up last year!  I could probably... Continue Reading →

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