Sci-Fi Month: Things I Love: KILLJOYS

Last year during #SciFiMonth, I wrote about a trope that is near and dear to my heart, spaceship crews that double as found families.  I love when misfits come together, when they bicker like there's no tomorrow, while simultaneously putting their lives on the line for each other without hesitation.  So it should come as... Continue Reading →

Things I Love: COWBOY BEBOP’s Realistic Sci-Fi Setting (#RRSciFi Month)

I recently finished a months-long project to watch COWBOY BEBOP, the classic anime about a ragtag team of space bounty hunters getting into scraps from one end of the galaxy to the other.  I enjoyed the characters, the music, the noir-ish elements during critical episodes.  But for #RRSciFiMonth, I wanted to write about one particular... Continue Reading →

October Goals

It's the end of another month, time to look ahead to October. If you've been paying attention, I like lists and crossing them off.  I maybe like lists too much, but that's a topic for later discussion.  To that end, I've decided to try a new regular feature, Monthly Goals. I want to set two... Continue Reading →

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