August 2019 TBR

I haven’t been in the habit of doing TBR posts in the past, but my book cup runneth over this month, and I decided to do a quick look at the mountain I have ahead of me.  I did surprisingly well in July, reading six books before finally tackling the massive WORDS OF RADIANCE.  As expected, WOR is proving a beast to get through, but I am absolutely in love and have no regrets putting this at the top of my TBR pile.

So what’s on my plate for next month?  Well, that can roughly be divided into three categories….

Treading Water – July/August Releases

I still have a few things leftover from my July TBR that I want to get to ASAP, including my ARC of YA fantasy SPIN THE DAWN and upcoming August release THE DRAGON REPUBLIC.  In addition, the good folks at Orbit Books sent me two BEAUTIFUL review copies of JADE WAR and THE RAGE OF DRAGONS, both of which are demanding to be read, especially JADE WAR.  Last but not least, I did a rare release-day purchase for THRAWN: TREASON, the next installment of the STAR WARS series which follows my favorite villain.

Digging Out the Backlist

I have unintentionally been doing an incredibly impressive job keeping my reading 50/50 regarding new releases vs. backlist books. July caused that to skew a bit towards newer books, and I’d like to course correct back to 50/50.  In addition, I’m trying really hard to keep making progress every month on my Great Series Read Project, so I’ve put two goal reads from that project onto the August TBR.  The first, GREY SISTER, is the sequel to RED SISTER, which I read in May and really enjoyed. THE THOUSANDTH FLOOR will be a rare reread for me.  This futuristic YA murder-mystery caught me by surprise a few years ago, and I fully intended to read the trilogy, purchasing the second book last year.  My goal is to reread THE THOUSANDTH FLOOR and then hopefully carry on with THE DAZZLING HEIGHTS in September.  Lastly, we have the YA book SKY IN THE DEEP.  While I’ve been wanting to read this for a while, I’m prioritizing it this month because I have a chance to get a copy of standalone sequel THE GIRL THE SEA GAVE BACK from Edelweiss, but I don’t want to claim it unless I enjoy this first book.

Looking Ahead – September ARCs

Last, but certainly not least, I’m trying to get a jump on ARCs I have that release in September. Two of these are YA fantasies: KINGDOM OF SOULS and SERPENT & DOVE.  I also have the absolutely delightfully bonkers sounding GIDEON THE NINTH about…well, about a lesbian necromancer in space who seems to delight in wearing aviator glasses.  I know the Twitter-sphere, at least, is very excited about this book, and I’m oh so curious to see what this one is like!

And there you have it!  My incredibly ambitious, likely-to-kill-me, August TBR. Have you read any of these or are you looking forward to them?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Yes to Gideon the Ninth! I’d love to read it in August as well, but I’m also trying to catch up with July books I didn’t get to yet. There are just too many amazing sounding books!

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  2. LOL “my book cup runneth over this month”, I love it! I feel the same way, and I thought making a backlist/catch up challenge would help motivate me, but I guess I’m just a horrible planner and I also get distracted too easily with new books. I gotta read Jade City, STAT, so I can get to the sequel.

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