Video Games I’m Playing: 11/10/20

Right now is the weird calm before the storm, the week before all the new consoles and games arrive for the holiday season. While I won't be upgrading my systems for a bit, I do have my eye on some new releases, like SPIDER-MAN: MILES MORALES and ASSASSIN'S CREED VALHALLA. But in the meantime, I've... Continue Reading →

Video Games I’m Playing: 10/09/20

October is here, and with it comes the urge to dip my toe into the spooky side of media. I'm a complete chicken when it comes to horror, but this is the month when I'm in the mood to let myself get a little scared. So while I'm trying out a few new things (and... Continue Reading →

Video Games I’m Playing: 09/11/20

Time for another check-in on the games that are helping me maintain my sanity in these crazy times! I've been getting through a good mix of big budget and indie games, which is always great. Let's see what's been keeping me busy, shall we? SPIRITFARERThis one is pitched as a "cozy management game about death."... Continue Reading →

Things I Love: Rediscovering SKYRIM

It should have been a slam dunk game for me to love.  Quests that set you out to save the world, check.  Fights with dragons, check.  Dialogue options with NPCs, check. The ability to become a two-legged cat-person that sneaks and snipes people with remarkable archery skill, check.  And yet, until a few weeks ago, I... Continue Reading →

The PS5 Games I’m Most Excited About

In a normal year, June would be the time of the annual E3 conference, when game developers from around the world come together to announce the shiny new things that we'll be playing in the hopefully not too distant future. Of course, this isn't a normal year, so instead of packing the announcements into one... Continue Reading →

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