Most Anticipated Video Games from Not-E3

Last weekend was the weekend of what the games industry has cheekily been referring to as "Not-E3." June is typically the month when all the big publishers get to together at the E3 trade event to show off their latest trailers and upcoming titles, but for various reasons, the company running the E3 event decided... Continue Reading →

Wyrd & Wonder: Most Anticipated Fantasy Video Games

Time to use Wyrd & Wonder to talk about my OTHER favorite fantasy love: video games! Gaming is my other hobby of choice, so if I'm not reading about spellcasters, then I'm probably playing one. I've rounded up some of my most anticipated video game releases below. The slight catch? Almost none of them have... Continue Reading →


Welcome to another edition of If/Then, where I take two pieces of media and tell you why if you like one, then you’ll probably like the other. This week, we have the book VESPERTINE and the video game ENDER LILIES! If you're interested in more posts like this, follow the link to more If/Then content!... Continue Reading →


Welcome to If/Then, a potential new series where I play around with the age-old recommendation scheme "If you liked X, then you should try Y." For my first outing, I'm discussing the book VELOCITY WEAPON by Megan E. O'Keefe and the video game PREY by Arkane Studios. I'm going to avoid spoilers as much as... Continue Reading →

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