Welcome to another edition of If/Then, where I take two pieces of media and tell you why if you like one, then you’ll probably like the other. This week, we have the book VESPERTINE and the video game ENDER LILIES!

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Synopsis: VESPERTINE by Margaret Rogerson


Vespertine is a tale of Artemisia, a young nun who is part of an order that ensures the dead are given proper last rites that send their souls to the afterlife. Failure to do so allows vengeful spirits to rise from the grave and wreak havoc on the living. When her abbey comes under attack, Artemisia bonds herself with a relic containing a powerful spirit, one that allows her to defend her sisters, but puts her under immediate suspicion of being possessed and in need of containment. Determined to figure out why the abbey was attacked, Artemisia flees to the capital city, where she begins an investigation into who or what is behind the increased appearance of deadly spirits.


Ender Lilies

In this Metroidvania side-scroller, a young girl named Lily awakens in a church with no memories, learning that the kingdom she is in recently suffered a siege of undead creatures known as the Blighted. Although the Blighted were defeated, many noble warriors and other defenders fell, and their corrupted spirits now threaten what remains of the kingdom. With the spirit of a great warrior at her side, Lily sets out to purify the fallen spirits, recruiting them to her side as she seeks to bring peace to the troubled land.

Ghosts as Weapons

In VESPERTINE, while most spirits are peacefully passed to the afterlife, some are bound to relics, gifting abilities to the nuns who wield them. These powers range from mundane candle lightning to being able to summon a powerful warrior spirit into battle, and some of the most memorable sequences involve a nun being dwarfed by the appearance of the spirit fighting at her side. Meanwhile in ENDER LILIES, it is not Lily who fights, but the spirits she has collected. As Lily explores and purifies fallen spirits, she gains allies with unique abilities, allowing her to equip and summon spirits ranging from sword-wielding knights to ravens that harry nearby enemies.

Gothic Atmosphere

Both VESPERTINE and ENDER LILIES are dripping with atmosphere, with a gray and melancholy mood permeating throughout. ENDER LILIES takes place in a kingdom that has just suffered a horrible war, and the castle and surrounding countryside are in ruins, with undead creatures still roaming. Likewise in VESPERTINE, the country is seeing increasing unrest as spirits rise in alarming numbers, and refugees are fleeing to the capital in droves. It’s a beleaguered, haunted setting (the author has mentioned DARK SOULS among some of the vibes she was going for) with crypts, grand cathedrals lit by candles, and ghosts looking to suck your spirit from you.

Short and sweet: if you’re looking for content with gothic atmosphere and deadly ghosts, VESPERTINE and ENDER LILIES may be for you!

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  1. I love reading this feature Caitlin, I’m always learning about new video games! I’ve actually just started Vespertine and can see how Ender Lilies matches so perfectly. I’ll have to check out this game, hadn’t heard of it but is sounds like something I would play. Wonderful post! 😄🖤

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