Monthly Book Haul: August 2021

Only ARCs hauled this month, which is probably for the best! With fall comes a TON of new releases, and I'm desperately trying to stay on top of what's coming out! So let's dive in! If any of these strike your fancy, I've linked the cover to Goodreads! ARCs/Review Copies      BLOOD OF THE... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: July 2021

A decent sized haul for this month, with a mixture of purchases and ARCs to get me through the hot summer months. My purchases feel extra special, as I bought them from an indie book shop while on vacation in Oregon. Even though it will probably be a few months until I read them, knowing... Continue Reading →

June 2021 Book Haul

Bought      LAST ARGUMENT OF KINGS by Joe AbercrombieFirst purchase goes to my Great Series Read project! This is the last book I have left in the FIRST LAW series, and I'm hoping to read it in August before my TBR gets ridiculous with fall ARC deluge. This is a big old thick book,... Continue Reading →

April 2021 Book Haul

I feel like this month's haul was a lot of stock piling for the summer, for good or for bad. May is a particularly crowded release window, and a number of the books I picked up are hefty tomes releasing soon - which in part requires reading some ARCs I didn't read last year when... Continue Reading →

March 2021 Book Haul

I clearly had very little success with restraint this month. I mean, VERY LITTLE. ARCS EVERYWHERE. But with covers like these, how was I to stop myself? And after landing a healthy amount of sci-fi ARCs, my pile is very clearly taking a fantasy bent this month. We've got Vikings, we've got sapphic romance, we've... Continue Reading →

February 2021 Book Haul

Haha, oops, there goes all the restraint I've shown for the past few months! The 2021 ARC season has begun in earnest and I am loading up all my shelves! To be fair to me, almost all of these acquisitions were books I'd had on the "to stalk" list anyway, so I was prepared for... Continue Reading →

January 2021 Book Haul

After the bounteous month of December (and Christmas presents) I'm back to a more quiet haul for the month of January. Given that I want to read more backlist this year (especially from the many, MANY books unread on my shelves), I'm actually glad that the haul remains small! Even better, all the books I... Continue Reading →

December 2020 Book Haul

Tis the season of books! It's the last book haul of 2020, and the gifts and giveaways have been MOST generous. Plus I managed to secure a few 2021 ARCs that I'm VERY excited about. So let's not delay and see what the holiday book fairies brought! All covers link to Goodreads! Gifts/Giveaways    WAYWARD... Continue Reading →

November 2020 Book Haul

Second-to-last haul of the year! After splurging a bit during my birthday month, I've gone back to being more selective in what I acquire, especially as my ARC backlog is still a bit out of control. Hopefully in the quiet months of December and January I'll get the pile more in hand. Unfortunately for my... Continue Reading →

October 2020 Book Haul

October was a good month for hauling books! There were freebies, birthday gifts, ARCs I had completely given up all hope of receiving. Sure, I'm more buried in reads than ever, but they all look so shiny and wonderful, how could I possibly say no? So let's see what has fallen into my lap, shall... Continue Reading →

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