Monthly Book Haul: August 2022

Hahaha oh god what did I do. August saw a surprising number of books added to my pile, including some bought from a Barnes & Noble spree (more on that below)! Thankfully I've already managed to read a couple of these this months, so I don't feel quiiiiite as guilty about hauling so much but...guys,... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: July 2022 (San Diego Comic-Con Edition)

Time for an extra special book haul: San Diego Comic-Con edition! After taking a two-year break (for obvious reasons), Comic-Con finally returned, bringing with it all things nerdy. While this Comic-Con was a bit quieter than ones I've attended in the past, that didn't stop it from being a dangerous place to acquire books. I... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: June 2022

Not a lot in the ARC pile this month, though not for lack of trying! My NetGalley limbo is currently five high, so it's possible that July will see a deluge of ARCs once more as release dates draw closer. In the meantime, I picked up a few backlist reads (and read almost all of... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: May 2022

May was a bit of a "treat yourself" month, as I went ahead and ordered a small little stack from Barnes & Noble on top of my ARC hauls! It started with a few selections to keep momentum going in my Great Series Read, but the universe decreed I should also splurge on a shiny... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: April 2022

April was quiet in terms of ARC hauling (thank god) but I made up for it in purchases! I went on a second-hand shopping run one Saturday this month, starting off at a library sale and working my way over to my favorite second-hand shop (that I haven't been to in over two years thanks... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: March 2022

Not quite the deluge that February was, but what March lacked in quantity, it more than made up for in chonky, CHONKY tomes. BABEL alone is 560 pages, and the others are equally intimidating. Best get to reading while you all check out the haul itself! Bought MOONTANGLED by Stephanie BurgisTiny little purchase this month... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: February 2022

Oh boy, this was a MONTH. I got some highly, HIGHLY anticipated ARCs (most anticipated of the year?), won a giveaway, and picked up a few treats for myself. Spring book season is officially upon us! I'm linking all covers to Goodreads, so if any of these strike your fancy, follow the link! Purchases/Giveaways  ... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: January 2022

After a small Christmas haul and a little bit of treating myself in December, this month's haul is purely ARCs! My pending section in NetGalley is currently 100% empty, for the first time since...probably three years ago when I set the account up in the first place. Thankfully, almost all of my requests were approved!... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: December 2021

Closing out 2021 without a single ARC hauled! Given that I'm really hoping to read more backlist in 2022, this may actually work in my favor. On the purchasing front, I picked up multiple books that will help me finish up some series reads - even if maaaaybe I gave myself a little more work... Continue Reading →

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