Monthly Book Haul: February 2023

A short month, but still one packed with acquisitions. This included accepting a few publisher submissions for review that hadn't been on my radar! While I'm working to cut back on ARCs (I know it doesn't look like it), these submissions were shorter books aimed at a younger audience, so they shouldn't disrupt my reading... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: January 2023

It's a new year, and I'm officially already drowning in new purchases and acquisitions. Will I come to regret this? Probably. But every ARC I picked up this month was a sequel in an ongoing series, so my regrets are limited at best! Especially when two of them are series finales and that means I'll... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: December 2022

Oh boy, December was too good to my TBR cart! Although I avoided the B&N hardcover sale (mostly because I knew the hardcover selection at my local B&N is not great), I still bought myself a few odds and ends throughout the month. And to top it off, the 2023 ARCs are really starting to... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: November 2022

Well, the Orbit review box finally showed up, so I can no longer pretend that I've been restrained when it comes to ARC acquisitions! The 2023 review pile is starting to shape up, but I really can't be tooo mad at it - they're all awesome looking books. As for my purchases this month, they... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: October 2022

I'm doing my utmost best to restrain myself in the review request category going into the end of the year. I'm looking at having just two ARCs remaining between me and a guilt free dive into the backlist pile for the rest of 2022. Thus far, I've succeeded, with only one 2022 ARC acquired (that... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: August 2022

Hahaha oh god what did I do. August saw a surprising number of books added to my pile, including some bought from a Barnes & Noble spree (more on that below)! Thankfully I've already managed to read a couple of these this months, so I don't feel quiiiiite as guilty about hauling so much but...guys,... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: June 2022

Not a lot in the ARC pile this month, though not for lack of trying! My NetGalley limbo is currently five high, so it's possible that July will see a deluge of ARCs once more as release dates draw closer. In the meantime, I picked up a few backlist reads (and read almost all of... Continue Reading →

Monthly Book Haul: May 2022

May was a bit of a "treat yourself" month, as I went ahead and ordered a small little stack from Barnes & Noble on top of my ARC hauls! It started with a few selections to keep momentum going in my Great Series Read, but the universe decreed I should also splurge on a shiny... Continue Reading →

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