February 2020 Book Haul

It was a fairly quiet month for new hauls, a fact I'm embracing given my desire to turn my attention to my backlist pile.  Even so, I've gotten my hands on some books I'm very excited to read, so let's dive in, shall we? Bought CHARMCASTER by Sebastien de Castell I managed to stay fairly... Continue Reading →

January 2020 Book Haul

After an end of year deluge of ARCs, January has been a more more forgiving to my TBR.  My new ARC arrivals is minimal, and most are actually hard copies of books I already had eARCS for (not that I'm complaining - I ALWAYS prefer hard copy books!).  But this months purchases were mostly motivated... Continue Reading →

December 2019 Book Haul

Here we are, the last book haul of 2019!  The ARC hauling is starting to pick up a bit, and I've added a few things to my shelves this month, including stacking up on self-published works so I can make good on my promise to read more of them next year! If any of these... Continue Reading →

November 2019 Book Haul

I warned you the last few months of book hauls were the calm before the storm and BOY did that turn out to be true.  Not only did I get a massive box from the lovely people at Orbit Books, I had several must-have books drop into my auto approvals on Edelweiss - oh, and... Continue Reading →

October 2019 Book Haul

Another small but mighty haul this month! Again, I've been super selective about my ARCs so I can work on backlist.  HOWEVER, I expect the next few weeks to be a much different story as the Orbit Reviewer Newsletter went out and...well, I went a bit crazy! But that's a tale for another month, once... Continue Reading →

September 2019 Book Haul

Tiny haul this month, as 2019 winds to a close and the very quiet December looms on the horizon. The 2020 ARCs, however, are starting to peek their heads around the corner!  I'm TRYING to be more restrained in my requests for the upcoming year, because as much as I thoroughly enjoy reading new and... Continue Reading →

August 2019 Book Haul

Time for another book haul!  I've been trying to keep my ARC requests to an absolute minimum as the year draws to a close, so this is another smallish haul.  Nevertheless, there are some exciting things inside, so come see what I've added to my shelves!  As always, the covers link to Goodreads if you... Continue Reading →

July 2019 Book Haul

I added a LOT of books to my shelves (or rather, my floor) this month!  So much so that I had to do an entire post just for my Comic Con haul alone. While I was incredibly good about not requesting any new eARCs this month (not a single one!) I did jump all over... Continue Reading →

San Diego Comic Con 2019 Book Haul

And so, it has come to pass that another San Diego Comic Con is behind us.  There was cosplay, panels, crowds, and most importantly, BOOKS.  Ever since a friend introduced me to the magic of book publisher giveaways at Comic Con, I've been hooked.  In fact, one facet of my rediscovery of my love of... Continue Reading →

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