Sci-Fi Month: Things I Love: KILLJOYS

Last year during #SciFiMonth, I wrote about a trope that is near and dear to my heart, spaceship crews that double as found families.  I love when misfits come together, when they bicker like there's no tomorrow, while simultaneously putting their lives on the line for each other without hesitation.  So it should come as... Continue Reading →

October Goals

It's the end of another month, time to look ahead to October. If you've been paying attention, I like lists and crossing them off.  I maybe like lists too much, but that's a topic for later discussion.  To that end, I've decided to try a new regular feature, Monthly Goals. I want to set two... Continue Reading →


Season one of THE DRAGON PRINCE dropped last Friday on Netflix.  At nine episodes, it was an incredibly short run for an animated half-hour, and the end result is a show that feels more tease than actual plot.  Hailing from producers Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, Netflix was very vocal about the former's involvement, as... Continue Reading →

Villain Fatigue

This week, I finally finished watching season 3 of CW's SUPERGIRL, nearly two months after the season finale.  This has been a show I've largely enjoyed, but this last season, every time I saw SUPERGIRL on my watch list, I found myself skipping over it in favor of something else.  This was partially due to... Continue Reading →

Dear Television – Stop the Flashbacks

QUANTICO. ARROW. ONCE UPON A TIME.  Three very different shows with one very similar problem: they are all locked into a flashback structure.  Each week, we deal with a storyline in the hear and now, and one based sometime in the past.  While this structure worked for season one of both ARROW and ONCE, it's... Continue Reading →

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