Top Five Books I Missed in 2021

Every bookworm knows that no matter how much you read in a given year, there are always new releases that slip through the cracks. The good news is, that's just more books to look forward to the next year! So here's to the books I didn't read in 2021, may they grace my TBR in... Continue Reading →

My Top Five 2020 SFF Reads

When it came to books in 2020, there were treasures to be found in every one of my reading niches. From standalones to series finales, YA to adult, there were a LOT of good books in 2020. Below are my absolute favorites, in no particular order. These are the ones that brought me joy, that I... Continue Reading →

Top Five Backlist Reads of 2020

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a bookworm will always be behind on their TBR. As someone who has "only" been hardcore devouring fantasy/sci-fi for the last four or five years, there will forever be series I haven't gotten to yet and books that perennially languish on my TBR while I try to find... Continue Reading →

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