Top Five Tuesday: Reasons I Rate a Book 5 Stars

Welcome, Welcome, to another edition of Top Five Tuesday, brought to us by our lovely host Bionic Book Worm! This week, we've been asked to contemplate:  what elements of a book make it a five star read for you? Characters Characters. Characters Characters Characters.  When an author writes a work of fiction, they're asking me... Continue Reading →

Top Five Tuesday: Backlist Books I Will FINALLY Read in 2020

We, as readers, are blessed with the curse of an endless backlist.  There are just too many good books out there in the world to read them all.  So this week, when Bionic Book Worm asked us to list our Top Five Books to Read in 2020, I decided to put together a list from... Continue Reading →

Sci-Fi Month: Favorite AI in Books

This week I'm doing a freebie topic for Top Five Tuesday and talking about my favorite AI in sci-fi books!  While I remain terrified of Alexa mutating into Skynet and/or HAL 3000, I love a good AI in fiction, especially when authors take the time to explore how their experiences differ from a human's.  So... Continue Reading →

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