Most Anticipated: Summer 2021 SFF Books Releases

Buckle up boys and girls, this post is going to be a DOOZY. I'm rounding up my most anticipated summer releases in both sci-fi and fantasy! And because I make the rules, I'm including May in this round-up. Think of it as summer pre-gaming, because DEAR GOD does May have an incredible line up of... Continue Reading →

Most Anticipated SFF Releases: April 2021

We're starting to get into some incredibly busy release months, with some of my most highly anticipated releases for the whole year up ahead! This month is notable for me in that almost all my picks are sci-fi! I don't read as much of the genre as I do fantasy, but I still love a... Continue Reading →

Most Anticipated Releases: May 2020

May is a weird month for releases.  Some books have had their releases delayed due to coronavirus, others are trekking on regardless.  There's still a handful of books sneaking onto the shelves, so let's celebrate the releases we have!     NETWORK EFFECT by Martha Wells Release Date: May 5th, 2020 Read My Review I've... Continue Reading →

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