Most Anticipated Releases: April 2020

It's a weird world we live in right now, isn't it?  How about you set aside those anxieties and check out some exciting new books heading our way in April?  There's plenty of excellent books headed our way, and I'm sure there are more here than what I've listed!  Let's dive in, shall we? Covers... Continue Reading →

March 2020 Book Picks

After the deluge of February, March is giving us a little bit of of a respite.  There's still plenty to go around, including a trilogy finisher and the beginning of a new series by an awesome author.  Here are my top choices for March 2020!   A PALE LIGHT IN THE BLACK by K.B. Wagers... Continue Reading →

November 2019 Book Picks

This is it folks. The month to end all months.  The month that my TBR may finally kill me.  (I know, I said something similar in September, but have you looked at a release calendar for this month??) November 5th alone could keep me reading for weeks to catch up on everything that's coming out.... Continue Reading →

October 2019 Book Picks

Here we are friends, book picks for month number ten of 2019!  October is a liiiittle bit more quiet than September, but that there are still plenty of amazing reads hitting the shelves this month, enough to keep me plenty busy.  Here are the books I'm definitely checking out (and hopefully will have reviews for... Continue Reading →

September 2019 Book Picks

September.  September is a month that is trying to kill me under the sheer volume of books it's releasing.  In fact, I'm pretty sure September and November are fighting each other for the honor of trying to finally implode my TBR.  This is a mix of books I've read, books I have ARCs for, and... Continue Reading →

July 2019 Book Picks

It's July, and it officially feels like SUMMER!  I'm looking forward to some hours in the sun curled up with books, and the ones below are my favorites of the new releases.  There's a little of everything this month: YA, adult fantasy, STAR WARS!  Check out what I can't wait to get my hands on!... Continue Reading →

May 2019 Book Picks

I'm incredibly excited about several books releasing in May, although as fate would have it, I haven't had a chance to read any of my picks yet!  My interest as registered below is based largely on hype and/or the book premise.  A few of these I DO have ARCs for, so look for reviews in... Continue Reading →

March Book Picks

We're now into March and WOW what a month this is going to be.  Below are my highlight picks and it's not even close to everything releasing this month that has gone onto my TBR.  Among the missing are sequels to series I mean to start and new standalones from authors I haven't read yet. ... Continue Reading →

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