Most Anticipated SFF Releases: Jan-March 2022

There's a lot of Most Anticipated Lists out there right now, many drowning you in lists that cover all of 2022. In the hopes of making things a little more approachable, I'm focusing on the first three months of the year, highlighting the books that will be on shelves soon! I will link all the... Continue Reading →

Most Anticipated SFF Releases: December 2021

December is a fairly quiet month for new releases in terms of volume, but in terms of pure hype? MOST IMPORTANT MONTH OF THE YEAR. January saw me discover possibly my favorite read of 2021, and I'm ecstatic that before 2021 is over, I will get to read the sequel! Plus, a trilogy conclusion and... Continue Reading →

Most Anticipated SFF Releases: November 2021

Now we're getting serious: the November releases are here! It's a busy, busy month as publishers push out their biggest releases of the season. We've got trilogy finishers, we've got 1000 page tomes, we've got intriguing novellas, and more! I've narrowed my picks down to my MOST anticipated, but there are plenty more books releasing... Continue Reading →

Most Anticipated Releases: August 2021

August is a blissfully quiet month for releases, which will hopefully allow me to get a bit of a jump on September because let me tell you, once we hit fall, the deluge of hotly anticipated sci-fi/fantasy releases begins! But even though my picks for August are few, they are still ones I am EXTREMELY... Continue Reading →

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