Winter 2020/2021 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Releases to Get Excited About

It's hard to believe, but we've almost made it to 2021! Huzzah! And so it's time to start peeking over the horizon and looking at what books await us in the new year. The winter's a bit more quiet than other months, but there are still some excellent books in the pipeline! If any of... Continue Reading →

Most Anticipated SFF Book Releases: November 2020

Man oh man, what a month November is! It's always crazy and hectic as publishers get the BIG releases of the year out on the shelves before the holidays. This month, we have a much anticipated conclusion to a fantasy trilogy, plus not one, but TWO books from Brandon Sanderson! As always, this is not... Continue Reading →

Most Anticipated Releases: May 2020

May is a weird month for releases.  Some books have had their releases delayed due to coronavirus, others are trekking on regardless.  There's still a handful of books sneaking onto the shelves, so let's celebrate the releases we have!     NETWORK EFFECT by Martha Wells Release Date: May 5th, 2020 Read My Review I've... Continue Reading →

Most Anticipated Releases: April 2020

It's a weird world we live in right now, isn't it?  How about you set aside those anxieties and check out some exciting new books heading our way in April?  There's plenty of excellent books headed our way, and I'm sure there are more here than what I've listed!  Let's dive in, shall we? Covers... Continue Reading →

March 2020 Book Picks

After the deluge of February, March is giving us a little bit of of a respite.  There's still plenty to go around, including a trilogy finisher and the beginning of a new series by an awesome author.  Here are my top choices for March 2020!   A PALE LIGHT IN THE BLACK by K.B. Wagers... Continue Reading →

November 2019 Book Picks

This is it folks. The month to end all months.  The month that my TBR may finally kill me.  (I know, I said something similar in September, but have you looked at a release calendar for this month??) November 5th alone could keep me reading for weeks to catch up on everything that's coming out.... Continue Reading →

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