First Impression: THE MASK OF MIRRORS by M.A. Carrick

Recently over at io9, Orbit Books released the cover and an excerpt for the upcoming fantasy novel THE MASK OF MIRRORS by M.A. Carrick.  The first in a new trilogy entitled THE ROOK AND THE ROSE, MASK is about a young woman named Renata who is a con artist hoping to trick and steal a... Continue Reading →

Summer 2020 Fantasy Book Releases To Get Excited About

With summer just around the corner, and Wyrd and Wonder in full swing, I decided now is an excellent time to take a look at what tantalizing books are peeking just over the horizon!  The list I've assembled is by no means exhaustive, but contains all the fantasy books that I, personally, am incredibly excited... Continue Reading →

September 2019 Book Haul

Tiny haul this month, as 2019 winds to a close and the very quiet December looms on the horizon. The 2020 ARCs, however, are starting to peek their heads around the corner!  I'm TRYING to be more restrained in my requests for the upcoming year, because as much as I thoroughly enjoy reading new and... Continue Reading →

May 2019 Book Picks

I'm incredibly excited about several books releasing in May, although as fate would have it, I haven't had a chance to read any of my picks yet!  My interest as registered below is based largely on hype and/or the book premise.  A few of these I DO have ARCs for, so look for reviews in... Continue Reading →

Summer 2019 Book Preview

Summer is starting to creep over the horizon, and it brings with it MORE BOOKS.  What things am I looking forward to curling up with next to the pool in a few months?  Let's find out!  Below are just a handful of books releasing in the early to mid part of summer.  Not included are... Continue Reading →

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