Wyrd & Wonder: Most Anticipated Fantasy Video Games

Time to use Wyrd & Wonder to talk about my OTHER favorite fantasy love: video games! Gaming is my other hobby of choice, so if I’m not reading about spellcasters, then I’m probably playing one. I’ve rounded up some of my most anticipated video game releases below. The slight catch? Almost none of them have official release dates yet. COVID has, like in all things, wreaked havoc in the development cycle, and games that were once a sure lock for release in 2022 now have giant question marks next to their release box. But whenever these games DO finally make it into our hands, I will be ready and waiting for them!

I made a similar list of Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Games for Sci-Fi Month last year, so if you need even more recs, give it a peek!


Release Date: October 11th, 2022
Let’s start with the game that actually has a release date (for now). This action adventure is a bit of a portal fantasy, in that a young woman from modern-day New York finds herself suddenly transported to the world of Athia. There, she’ll have to use her new magical abilities to traverse Athia (and possibly save it) as she finds her way home. FORSPOKEN will only release on PS5 and PC, so I’m hoping it will harness the next-gen technology to bring us something truly special.

Oxenfree Lost Signals

Fancy a fantasy on the spooky side? The sequel to indie game OXENFREE should be out later this year! The original game followed a handful of teens having a party on a coastal island as summer comes to a close, who find their festivities disrupted by weird happenings. I don’t generally do horror games, but this walked the line of spooky and unsettling in a way I could handle. The original game was mostly driven by narrative conversations, and the sequel looks to follow in its tracks. It’s set five years after the events of the first game, with a brand new lead character. But what connection does she have to those who came before?

God of War Ragnorak

And now for the game that’s on basically every Most Anticipated list, the next GOD OF WAR game! The first game reinvented the series and turned it into a father-son bonding story (with a lot of monster-smashing on the way). The sequel picks up a few years later, as a world-ending battle draws nearer. If RAGNAROK is anything like the first game, we’re in for a good old time of battling gods and valkyries and all kinds of monsters from legend. Bring it on!

Hollow Knight Silksong

I can’t even pretend this one has a release date, because it is always glaringly missing from indie showcases, and yet hope springs eternal that this will one day be in my hands. HOLLOW KNIGHT was a side-scrolling platformer that melded METROID with DARK SOULS. Combat was tough and punishing (I don’t want to talk about the Mantis Lords) and yet oh so satisfying when you finally slayed that boss. SILKSONG was originally going to be a DLC expansion, but has since blossomed into its own full game, following a character from the original HOLLOW KNIGHT that was sometimes enemy, sometimes friend.

Final Fantasy 16

My history with the FINAL FANTASY franchise is sporadic at best, and is mostly confined to the more modern entries in the series. (One day, I tell myself, I’ll go back and play some of the older ones….one day.) That said, I’ve enjoyed FFVII: REMAKE and FINAL FANTSY XV (head canon subtitle: ROAD TRIPPING WITH AN EMO BOY BAND) and the teases for FFXVI definitely have me curious. Unlike XV, which was set in a modern world full of cars, cameras, and trains, XVI is going full on medieval. Square Enix has kept details on this very tight to the chest, but I’m here for the angsty brooding heroes the last trailer seemed to promise.

To wrap things up, let’s give a shout out to the very weird looking CULT OF THE LAMB. It hails from publisher Devolver Digital, which has garnered a rep of late for publishing offbeat indie games such as DEATH’S DOOR and INSCRYPTION (both of which were among my favorite games of 2021). CULT OF THE LAMB is an action-adventure roguelike, which is a string of some of my favorite video game words. You’ll build up a little home cult base while going out to defeat other cult leaders to absorb their power and make yourself the dominant cult in the land. It’s a dark weird premise, but honestly, they had me at roguelike.

What fantasy games are YOU looking forward to this year?

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