Most Anticipated SFF Releases: December 2021

December is a fairly quiet month for new releases in terms of volume, but in terms of pure hype? MOST IMPORTANT MONTH OF THE YEAR. January saw me discover possibly my favorite read of 2021, and I’m ecstatic that before 2021 is over, I will get to read the sequel! Plus, a trilogy conclusion and a noir fantasy. So grab your hot beverage of choice and get ready to snuggle up with my last Most Anticipated List for the year!

All covers link to Goodreads!

 The Excalibur Curse  The Liar's Knot  Nectar for the God

Release Date: December 7th, 2021
The CAMELOT RISING trilogy by Kiersten White has been a perfectly lovely and cozy retelling of the King Arthur story from the perspective of his wife Guinevere. In this tale, Guinevere can wield magic and secretly defends the kingdom from threats. I’m actually excited that this has a December release, as these have always been books that are great for curling up on a rainy day with (in fact, I believe I devoured 75% of book two in one sitting). THE EXACLIBUR CURSE is the final book, so we should FINALLY get some answers on the many mysteries plaguing the kingdom!

THE LIAR’S KNOT by M.A. Carrick
Release Date: December 7th, 2021
A MASK OF MIRRORS absolutely blew me away earlier this year, a five-star read that checked every single box of Things I Love. So I’m absolutely thrilled that December sees the release of book two in the trilogy, THE LIAR’S KNOT! In this pseudo-Venetian setting, a con artist wormed her way into a noble family, but in the process got tangled up in the plots and conspiracies designed to bring them down. A MASK OF MIRRORS ended with some big reveals for the readers that the characters don’t know about, so there’s sure to be some juicy drama in store as characters deal with imperfect information. I am pacing my floor waiting for my copy to arrive so I can start on this ASAP!

NECTAR FOR THE GOD by Patrick Samphire
Release Date: December 2nd, 2021
And now a self-published release for the list! Last year I enjoyed SHADOW OF A DEAD GOD, a unique blend of high fantasy and detective noir. In the first book, beleaguered wizard-for-hire Nik Thorne had to prove he wasn’t behind a high-profile murder, and in the process, he incurred a debt to a high mage. Now that high mage is calling in their chip, right as Nik becomes embroiled in another murder investigation. If you’ve ever wanted a Philip Marlowe-type story in a high fantasy world, you really should check out this series!

And those are my picks for the month – what are you looking forward to?

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