Review: SNOWSPELLED by Stephanie Burgis

Publisher: Self-Published
Page Count: 168
Release Date: September 4th, 2017
Rating: 4/5 Stars

34913546Cassandra Harwood really doesn’t want to attend a weeklong party at a country manor, particularly one where her ex-fiance will be in attendance.  Dragged along by her brother and his wife, Cassandra braces herself for the usual questions about her recent ended engagement, and even more distressingly, her recent inability to use magic. After striving for so long to be the first woman magician in Angland, it’s a loss that she has only recently come to terms with. But Cassandra will have to put that pain aside after she accidentally finds herself in a binding promise to an elflord to discover who is behind recent magical meddling of the weather.  She has one week to find the culprit, or her life will belong to him.

SNOWSPELLED is one of those delightful novellas where my chief complaint is that I needed more!  It’s a cozy regency fantasy romance that goes by all too quickly.  I was pleased to discover that Cassandra hadn’t broken up with her fiancé Wrexham because of anything he had done; I’d been bracing for him to be some sort of condescending jerk and that could NOT be further from the truth.  Cassandra is forced to work with Wrexham in the course of her investigation, and it’s a partnership of equals.  Wrexham may groan over Cassandra’s penchant for finding trouble, but he has her back every step of the way.

I always like seeing what twists writers bring to a world where magic is out in the open, and there are plenty of small creations in this tale, like magical bubbles of warmth the keep the elements at bay when one is traveling outside in the snow.  Although regency-era sexism still exists, it’s been given a kind of balance.  Yes, women are considered too delicate to be trained in magic, but women are also clearly much more sensible then men, and the realm of politics is left firmly to them, with all the ruling bodies and political offices being controlled by the fairer sex.

SNOWSPELLED was a lovely bite-sized adventure, and I look forward to checking out the sequel!

12 thoughts on “Review: SNOWSPELLED by Stephanie Burgis

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  1. I’m woefully behind reading these two novellas. I’ve read her short story that’s set in this world (I think it’s a prequel) and I’m dying to read more!

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  2. I really enjoyed this one! I loved the way she balanced the sexism — just because women are in charge doesn’t mean it magically goes away. I do wish it was a full-length novel. WHY SO SHORT I NEED MORE?!

    Have you read Spellswept? It was included with the Snowspelled audiobook and I’m so glad I read it too! Can’t wait to finish the series!

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