March 2020 Book Haul

A truly small haul this month!  Between coronavirus and my own restraint on requesting ARCs of late, I’ve just added a handful of things to my shelf, but what pretty shiny things they are!



BLOOD TALLY by Brian McClellan
In March, I read the novella UNCANNY COLLATERAL and really loved the urban fantasy adventure about a soul collector commissioned by Death to find out who is stealing souls and upsetting the natural balance of the world.  The sequel recently came out, and I decided to go ahead and buy it to read in April!  This will have the two-fold benefit of giving me Great Series Read progress and be my self-published read for the month.  And, you know, also give me a read I should really enjoy.


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SHOREFALL by Robert Jackson Bennett
I had an eARC of this one, but knowing how much I enjoyed FOUNDRYSIDE, I’ve been trying to get my hands on a physical ARC.  My wish was finally granted when I won a Twitter giveaway!  I managed to read this in March and OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING.  Full review is coming soon, but I’m so glad I was able to snuggle up on the couch with SHOREFALL in my hands.

WE RIDE THE STORM by Devin Madson
The first of surprise Orbit Book Mail for March!  Arriving in the US in June 2020, this is a self-published work that Orbit has picked up and edited ahead of publishing for the mainstream.  From what I’ve heard from those who have already read both versions, the self-published edition was pretty good, but the Orbit edition is FANTASTIC.  Looking forward to checking it out for myself in the coming months!

ASHES OF THE SUN by Django Wexler
Django Wexler is one of those authors I keep meaning to read but haven’t gotten to yet. If that hasn’t changed by the summer, I’ll have a good excuse to fix that hole in my bibliography!  ASHES OF THE SUN kicks off a new adult fantasy trilogy.  In it, two siblings, Gyre and Maya, find themselves on opposite sides of a war about to break out as they both pursue an ancient artifact in the rubble of a past empire. Thanks to Orbit for sending me an ARC!

And that’s my haul for March 2020!  What books were you excited to pick up last month?

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