Top Five Tuesday: Books that Make Me Laugh

The world’s been a little out of wack for the last few weeks, so for this Top Five Tuesday, Bionic Book Worm has asked us to list some of favorite books that make us laugh. So without further ado, here are books that have amused me in some way – even if humor wasn’t the thrust of the book!

47902784  original_400_600  Foundryside RD4 clean flat

This sci-fi series is utterly relatable for a bunch of books about an AI Security Construct, and it does that through deadpan humor of “whyyyyyy?”  Murderbot is the kind of hero who would very much rather NOT being doing the heroic things because it gets in the way of watching TV.  But on the flip side, it has a begrudging affection for the humans under its care, so when the chips are down, Murderbot will come out swinging.  Murderbot does a lot of griping about the stupid things humans do that get them into trouble, their messy emotions, and how many ways it’s going to tear apart the bad guys when it finally gets its hands on them.

You know what’s better than a tale about a group of thieves pulling off an impossible heist?  When those same thieves can quip with the best of them!  SIX OF CROWS may have daring escapades and might break your heart, but in between all that is a crew that loves to poke fun at each other.  Particularly fun is Matthias as the straight man to the rest of the group’s antics, hanging his head in exasperation as they casually plot thievery and more without blinking an eye.

FOUNDRYSIDE by Robert Jackson Bennett
This book has it all: action, cool magic-system, great characters, and HUMOR.  Oh my god the humor.  A lot of the magic in this book revolves around one of the characters “communicating” with enchanted objects, objects which have very narrow definitions of what they’re supposed to do.  “Listening” to objects describe what they believe about the world, and watching Sancia convince them that reality is very different than what they thought (“You’re only supposed to stay open for a minute?  Did you know a minute is now 5000 seconds?”) has been one of the great joys of my reading life.

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WORDS OF RADIANCE by Brandon Sanderson
Okay, so overall, WORDS OF RADIANCE is not a funny book.  It’s an epic fantasy of prophecy and war and betrayal and so many other things.  BUT at its core is Shallan, an utterly sarcastic woman who sometimes let’s her impulse for a witty repartee get the better of her.  Shallan’s first meeting with Kaladin is one of the funniest things I’ve read in the last few years, and their subsequent bickering makes me ship them SO. HARD. (sorry Adolin).

SPELLSLINGER by Sebastien de Castell
This series so far have been whirlwind adventures that balance light escapades with some hefty personal stakes, and I delight in watching the antics of Kellan, Ferius, and Reichis.  The talking-squirrel cat can be a little hit or miss in his voiced vicious desire to rip out the eyeballs of folks who annoy him (rarely acted upon), but I will always be here for Ferius completely upending a situation with little more than her words.  She has a way of cutting to the heart of situations in a manner that leaves others completely flummoxed, and frequently uses misdirection to get herself out of tricky situations.

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  1. Ooh interesting that Foundryside has a bunch of humour, I didn’t expect it to be a particularly funny book (When Oh When Will I Read Foundryside *quietly sobs*).

    Speaking of funny books though, I’m LOVING Storm Front. Bill the skull is just the best haha. Never realised how much I needed a snarky talking skull giving shit to a freelance wizard in my life until now =D


    1. Foundryside has a streak of sarcasm running through it, particularly from one character. Plus listening to objects “talk” is just outright amusing.

      So glad you’re enjoying Storm Front!! Those books have a great amount of dead pan, and I love the snark from Bob and Dresden! And you have so many more recurring characters to meet over the course of the series!!

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