Top Five Tuesday: Women Authors on My Adult SFF TBR

For the month of July, the good people at The Fantasy Hive have declared a month-long celebration of Women in Sci-fi/Fantasy and are encouraging anybody who wants to participate to do so!  This week, I decided to give some love to authors I very much need to read.  As in all TBR related matters, my actual list would go on for pages, so consider this a random selection!

If any of these catch your eye, all covers link to Goodreads!

The Library of the Unwritten  The City We Became  Nophek Gloss

What’s better than reading books?  Reading books ABOUT books.  So my eye was naturally caught by this tale about a librarian who works in a section of Hell that collects manuscripts never finished by their authors.  When a character escapes from its book, the librarian and her assistant set out to find him and bring him back, only to stumble into a conspiracy much larger than they could have imagined.

N.K. Jemisin – THE CITY WE BECAME and SO much more
Technically, I have read one book by Jemisin, but I want to read so much more by her.  I want to finish THE BROKEN EARTH trilogy, I want to read her duologies, I want to read THE CITY WE BECAME (and eventual sequels).  I have a feeling I could disappear with her books for a month and come out the other side a happy reader.  So yes, more Jemisin please!

Essa Hansen – NOPHEK GLOSS
Now for a debut author!  Essa is releasing the first book in a new sci-fi trilogy, which had me at “found family of alien misfits.”  I haven’t been reading enough sci-fi this year, so I’m excited to have a new space opera on the horizon!  In this story, a young man’s planet is destroyed, leaving him the sole survivor.  He falls in with a crew of aliens, and while that’s all fine and dandy, he still very much would like revenge on those who destroyed his life.

The Ninth Rain  Kill the Queen

Jen Williams – THE NINTH RAIN
One day.  One day I swear I will start this series about explorers/treasure hunters who accidentally find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy.  I know this trilogy is much beloved by those who’ve read it, and I want to see what all the fuss is about!

Jennifer Estep – KILL THE QUEEN
And now for a pull from my Kindle Pile of Doom.  I bought this book on sale a year ago, and there on my Kindle it remains.  The quick pitch I’ve been given is GLADIATOR meets GAME OF THRONES.  It features a lady at court who barely survives a coup that murders the queen and several members of the royal family.  She falls in with a group of gladiators and begins training so that one day she can avenge her relatives and save the kingdom.  Let me have it!

Happy reading everyone!

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