Monthly Book Haul: November 2021

….oops. Wow, I did not expect to have THIS big a haul this month, but that’s what happens when the 2022 ARCs start rolling out and you go on vacation and decide to splurge a little. And I truly do mean to continue scaling back my ARCs for 2022, it’s just that Orbit keeps putting out so many things that sound amazing that I can’t help myself! So let’s see what books have found themselves on my shelves this month, hmm?

As always, all covers link to Goodreads, so if anything strikes your fancy, you can find it there!


 Binti  The Tethered Mage  Stormblood

I’d read the first two novellas in this trilogy from the library, and kept putting off reading the third because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of the library wait list and timing it with my ongoing reading. So when I promised myself to finish this series for Sci-Fi Month and spotted the entire trilogy in ebook form for a measly $5, I jumped all over it. Turned out to be a good thing, because I ended up rereading the second novella this month before reading the third (the third one picking up mere moments after the end of the second necessitated a refresher). Binti is a futuristic tale about a Himba girl who finds herself trying to negotiate between an alien race and an African people, while also wrestling with her own coming of age.

THE TETHERED MAGE by Melissa Caruso
I bought an e-copy of this years ago during a Kindle Daily Deal, and it has languished on my iPad ever since. I really, REALLY want to finally start this trilogy in 2022, and I happened to spot a copy at an indie bookstore while I was on vacation, so I splurged and bought it. My hope is that with a physical copy staring at me from the shelf, I will FINALLY sit down and start these books! It’s magic and court politics, my favorite blend (and the fact that the author has attributed some of her inspiration to BABYLON 5 just seals the deal).

STORMBLOOD by Jeremy Szal
This is a sci-fi release out of the UK that I’ve seen some really glowing reviews of from people I respect, and I’ve had it on my idle “I’ll check it out some day” list. I happened to enter a Twitter giveaway being hosted by the author, and I actually won! Cue this book jumping up very high on my TBR! It follows a former supersoldier who suffers from addiction to the drug that gave him his abilities. When he discovers his brother is involved in the murder of fellow supersoldiers, he begins an investigation into the program, the drugs, and the war that reveals a secret nobody wants found. STORMBLOOD will release in the US in January 2022, so keep an eye out!

 Cytonic  City of Stairs

CYTONIC by Brandon Sanderson
I don’t buy a ton of new releases, but book 3 in the SKYWARD series was an easy autobuy for me. In fact, I didn’t even bothering trying to request an ARC, because I love seeing the shiny finished copies on my shelves. The SKYWARD series follows Spensa and her fellow space fighter pilots as they defend their home from threats. Book 2, STARSIGHT, ended on a crazy cliffhanger, and readers have had to wait a few years for the series to resume (that’s what happens when an author is writing three or four series at once!). Should be able to crack this open in December, very excited!

CITY OF STAIRS by Robert Jackson Bennett
This was purely a purchase for aesthetic reasons, and one of the few times I’ve let myself make such a purchase! I read CITY OF STAIRS on Kindle and had hard copies of the other two books in the trilogy. This is a favorite trilogy of mine, and it has bugged me for so long to have an incomplete set on my shelves. I’ve been stopped by the fact that I always feel guilty when I buy a book for display, rather than practical usage (I don’t do a ton of rereading these days…). I found a very good condition used copy at a second hand shop, however, and it seemed like fate! For those not familiar, CITY OF STAIRS is set in a world where the gods of a nation were killed in a terrible war, causing all of their magics and miracles to collapse and stop working. Except now, a few artifacts seem to be regaining their power – so are the gods returning?

Review Copies/ARCs

   Nectar for the God  The Liar's Knot

NECTAR FOR THE GOD by Patrick Samphire
First up in the ARC pile we have the sequel to SHADOW OF A DEAD GOD, a noir fantasy starring beleaguered mage-for-hire Mennik Thorne. The best way to think of these books is What if Philip Marlowe was a low-level mage in a fantasy world? It’s got a very 1940s detective feel of a guy just trying to make rent while accidentally getting tangled up with power players in the city. Last time Nik had to pledge a favor to much more powerful mage, and now that mage is calling in the debt. I was excited where things left off for Nik last book, happy to be returning to this world!

THE LIAR’S KNOT by M.A. Carrick
If you follow me with any regularity, you know my undying love for this year’s earlier release THE MASK OF MIRRORS. So it is no surprise that I jumped all over the chance to get my hands on the sequel, THE LIAR’S KNOT! Con artist Ren, crime boss Vargo and city guard Serrado are all back pursuing their own agendas…agendas which might be at cross purposes to one another.

 58293284._sy475_  57197053._sy475_  57941229

This is the first of three 2022 ARCs that are question marks to me, but also so incredibly alluring in their premises that I HAD to check them out. (I blame Orbit for enabling me with their shiny shiny physical ARCs). THE JUSTICE OF KINGS is about Sir Konrad Vonvalt, an Emperor’s Justice who is investigating the murder of a noblewoman, only to discover the simple case is wrapped up in an empire shaking conspiracy. Sign me up!

Next we have the tale of several siblings spread across an empire, each getting embroiled in a different threat. From dark arcane secrets in a mine to early sparks of rebellion, the Hawkspur family will have to figure out how to handle these pending disasters and keep the empire and the Guilds moving forward. Sounds nice and sprawling, so I’m willing to give this a shot!

I was very intrigued by Tara Sim’s YA duology, a gender-bent retelling of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO entitled SCAVENGE THE STARS. While I haven’t had a chance to check out those books yet (take a shot), I leapt at the chance to try Sim’s new adult trilogy. The premise is vague but certainly promising: a world with four realms, each realm with a god, and each god with an heir that wields divine powers. But the gods have withdrawn from the world, and as a result, the realms are dying. Its up to the four divine heirs to come together and figure out how to save the realms and the city at the heart of them all.

Whew. That’s everything! Any of these look good? Did you haul anything you’re excited about?

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  1. I’m so jealous you’ve got The City of Dusk Caitlin !!!!! I so wish Orbit would approve my Netgalley request….
    But good luck with reading all of these 🙂

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